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开云下载官方来华留学生教学课表查询Timetable Inquiry of HBUT Foreign Students
来源:开云下载官方     日期:2022-10-13    浏览:次


Timetable Inquiry of HBUT Foreign Students

登陆查询 Login query





Log in the website //run.djrig.net,and change the password which requires 10 characters, including upper and lower case letters, numbers and special notes (# / * / $)

Login account: Student ID

Initial password: Student ID

(If you do not log in within 5 seconds after opening the website, please refresh the webpage, otherwise you cannot log in and query the account normally)


Enter the interface of "Personal Teaching Platform", click the list of contents on the left, and choose the column of "Score Management" -- "Score Query (Students)", and you can query the real-time personal timetable (Fig.1)


The timetable includes course name, teacher, classroom and class period. The changes caused by teachers or other teaching activities will have effects on students' timetable. So please form the habit of querying online timetable before class. (Figure 2)

4. 每学期开学第1周,可向班主任领取纸质校历,或关注微信公众号SIEHBUT---留学湖工教学,查询年度电子校历。

Students can get the hard copy of school calendar from the head teacher during the first week of the new semester; or inquire the electronic one from the“留学湖工”——”教学”module from theWeChat public account SIEHBUT.


Retrieve the Password


If you forget your password or cannot log in, you can type the number of your passport in the column of “Forget Password” to reset it. Then refresh the login webpage and use your student ID and new password to query. (figure 3)